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RONGWIN shows you customers’ positive comments about RWA05-1400PC1 CNC panel bender

RONGWIN shows you customers’ positive comments about RWA05-1400PC1 CNC panel bender

RONGWIN Intelligent Flexible CNC Bending Center Panel Bender is a high-tech product developed and produced for the sheet metal industry to improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and enhance corporate image.

RONGWIN panel bender CNC bending center adopts a full servo system. Unlike traditional bending machines, the bending machine mold needs to be pressed down against the fixed part of the bending machine, but the bending work is completed by the blade. During the bending process, the plate The material holder fixes the plate. The blade can be bent up or down in different shapes. First, one side is bent outward, and then it is automatically bent inward. These different actions are controlled by the servo electric drive device, which can ensure the highest positioning accuracy in the bending sequence and bring the best bending effect.

WF67K-E 160T2500 S630 Electro-hydraulic Press Brake:
QC11Y-6*3200 E21s guillotine shearing machine:
RWL-6015 3000w Open Type Laser Cutting Machine:
Different diameter hinge die test:
RONGWIN bending center panel bender industry application:
*Food machinery, goods and household appliances
*Steel furniture, sheet metal and warehouse
*Electrical cabinet
*Steel door and frame
*Elevators and escalators
*Hospital and laboratory equipment
*lighting device

RONGWIN CNC bending center panel bender features:
* Industry 4.0 architecture can be smoothly upgraded;
* high speed;
* Rapid prototyping of workpieces with high consistency;
* Low power consumption;
* Simple daily maintenance and low cost;
* High degree of automation, simple operation, low manual requirements;
* No need to mold, complex shapes (upper or lower fold right angle, non-right angle, etc.) can be designed and produced at any time;
* Applicable materials are wide, mainly stainless steel, cold rolled plate, aluminum plate;
* Compatible with various loading and unloading methods: manual loading and unloading, truss robot loading and unloading, and robotic arm loading and unloading are all optional;
* Lanhao Intelligent Bending Center has a wealth of software and hardware interfaces, which can be docked with conventional mechanical arms on the market, and the specific selection can be Select according to the actual needs of the demander;
*The control system realizes the Ten-axis simultaneous linkage in the true sense, smooth bending action, and high coordination of mechanical operation;
*Eccentric load detection system can effectively protect the machine to protect the workpiece;
* The plate thickness detection system can effectively protect the machine and reduce the waste of workpieces;
*The cloud operation and maintenance management system can monitor the operation of the machine in real time;
* Friendly man-machine interface, easy to understand, flexible programming;
*For workpieces with non-standard sizes, different positioning benchmarks can be selected according to the shape of the workpiece, and the shearing error of the sheet can be controlled on the first bending edge to ensure the accuracy of the size after forming.

RONGWIN CNC bending center panel bender control system:
RONGWIN’s new independent research and development of 15-axis (supporting up to 64-axis concurrency) concurrent linkage full-servo CNC system, seamless action, coherence, global leading work efficiency, independent design of lead-free soldering of hardware circuit boards, surface immersion gold processing technology, stability durable.

We can also provide customized solutions to better meet customer needs.

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