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RONGWIN WD67Y-125T/2500-E21NC press brake packed and shipped

RONGWIN WD67Y-125T/2500-E21NC press brake packed and shipped

Our 125T/2500 Estun E21 NC press brake machine is designed by the advanced technology, which has the advantages of easy operation, economical and practical. Although it is an NC bending machine, the effect is comparable to a CNC press brake. The E21 bending machine is provided digital display for the positions of rear stopper and gliding block, as well as prompting function for soft limit of X/Y shaft and one-way positioning clearance. Rear stopper and upper gliding block are both fitted with coders, for a more accurate display for positions of rear stopper and upper gliding block in cooperation with digital display system, thus to further increase the operating precision of this machine.

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This 125T/2500 Estun E21 hydraulic bending machine can bend stainless steel plates, aluminum plates, carbon steel plates, etc. RONGWIN WD67Y series Estun E21 bending machine adopts imported high-end configuration, and it is debugged repeatedly before leaving the factory to ensure that there is no problem during the use of the customer.

Rongwin Estun E21 NC Press Brake
Model: WD67Y-125T/2500
Controller: Estun E21
Germany Rexroth brand Hydraulic valve System.
France Schneider brand Electronic components.
America Sunny brand gear pump.
Fast Clamps.
Heat Treated Multi V die and upper die.
Stable backgauge system.
Our machine add frequency inverter, X axis can one time positioning, if do not add this part, X axis cannot one time positioning. High accuracy, low fault rate. Seamless steel pipe & bite type tube fittings, avoid oil leakage &easy for maintenance. Clean Layout, Easy to Open and Close the Tank Cap. Heavy duty and adjustable front support arm is moved along with linear guide and can adjust up and down. Multi Checking and commissioning on machine working performance, do not leave any problem to customer.
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