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RONGWIN,Forging Sheet Metal Masters

Nanjing RONGWIN Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. has been specializing in press brake manufacturing for 15 years. We are your professional custom smart metal sheet fabrication solution and machinery spare parts supplier. Our mission is to provide customers with custom smart metal sheet fabrication solutions and spare parts, backed by lifetime after-sales service. RONGWIN's metal sheet fabrication production lines enhance operational efficiency and accuracy, increase reliability, reduce waste, and boost productivity. We are committed to achieving a win-win situation with our customers, helping your business thrive. This is also the origin of our company name, RONGWIN.

We have a professional R&D team. We have inherited the technology and years of production experience of the R&D center of Nanjing headquarters, combined with the scientific research results of many scientific and technological colleges, and established an intelligent CNC machine tool factory in Ma'anshan, Anhui, to manufacture high-quality and high-end intelligent sheet metal processing equipment. We are committed to building a powerful Chinese metal processing machinery and spare parts supply chain system. We have an ultra-modern production base covering an area of more than 10,000 square meters. All the machining equipment used in our factory are world-class brands. In order to improve production efficiency, these machines are strategically placed in a dedicated production workshop covering an area of 2,000 square meters.

RONGWIN continues to uphold the concept of "customer first, lifelong service," providing equipment upgrade and modification services to meet the new equipment needs of customers at different stages of product production.

RONGWIN promises:
Customized Solutions: Our engineering team has rich experience and can provide tailored solutions for customers.
Technological Innovation and Upgrade Services: We continuously innovate and provide upgrade and modification services for old equipment to ensure that customers remain at the forefront of technology.

Global Service Network: We actively expand our global dealer network to provide customers with technical support and after-sales service worldwide.
Quality Assurance and After-sales Service: We strictly control product quality and provide reliable after-sales service, continuously improving service levels to ensure customer satisfaction.
Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility: We actively participate in environmental protection measures and social welfare activities, contributing to sustainable development and social responsibility.

Thanks to our excellent after-sales service and reliable quality, we have sold to many overseas customers who appreciate our machines and often make repeated purchases from us. We have now exported to more than 70 countries, including Europe, South America such as Brazil, the United States, Canada, Russia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and Middle Eastern countries. 

We have applied for some patents and obtained CE and SGS certificates for press brakes. We believe that our company will have a bright future with the support and trust of our customers.
Please trust RONGWIN. As your trustworthy supplier of custom smart metal sheet fabrication solutions and lifelong service, we look forward to creating a better future together with you.