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RONGWIN 6020 3000W laser machine packed and shipped

RONGWIN 6020 3000W laser machine packed and shipped

RONGWIN fiber laser cutting machine meets 100% metal material processing needs, helps customers solve the problems of low investment return, high equipment maintenance costs, and reduces purchase and maintenance costs. It is one of the mainstream purchase models in the market.

RONGWIN fiber laser cutting machine can produce continuous production, stable quality, convenient operation, powerful function, and can only avoid the system during the cutting process, which can ensure the reliability of production and minimize the risk of collision.

RONGWIN company produces various types of laser cutting machines, such as open laser cutting machines, enclosed laser cutting machines, single-table laser cutting machines, interchangeable laser cutting machines, tube-sheet dual-purpose laser cutting machines and professional cutting machines. Tube laser cutting machine. Can meet the different needs of customers. There are many brands of laser power supply, such as German IPG, American GW, China Raycus, China MAX, etc. for customers to choose.

RONGWIN fiber laser cutting machine applicable materials: kitchen cabinets, door processing, lighting hardware, chassis cabinets, advertising signs,elevator manufacturing, sheet metal processing, home appliance, machinery equipment, spare parts processing, auto parts aerospace,oil pipeline and so on.

After the laser cutting machine is produced, it will cut the workpiece that the customer needs, and then pack it and ship it after it is satisfied to ensure that the customer has no worries when using it. Customer satisfaction is our aim!

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