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RONGWIN Q35Y-25 ironworker Packaging and shipping

RONGWIN Q35Y hydraulic ironworker machine Characteristics Main electric is Schneider brand. 
Equipped with open door automatic power-off protection device, more safe. Chinese famous brand Shuangta motor and imported valve from Japan. 
Higher processing accuracy and easy operation. 
The stop backgauge can be adjusted in accordance with the shearing length, thus, it can control efficient shearing length automatically. 
Special design can excellently cut right-angle, bevel and notch on the angle steel, profile steel and plates. There is a large visible window with scale and stop gauge. 
Full range of universal punches and dies are available . Unique style allows for large angle iron punching, pipe punching and large channel punching . 
Round and Square bar shear has multiple holes for a variety of sizes. Adjustable hold own for clean square cutting. Optional Channel and beam shears available. 
There are several visible holes in adjustable holder, which can ensure accurate shearing of steel plates and 45°angle.Working table with scales and adjustable plates can do angle shearing. 
Optional automatic presser foot device, saving time and effort, simple operation. 
We also provide CNC hydraulic ironworkers with E21 controller and automatic backgauge. 
The ironworker CNC backgauge can be positioned more conveniently, the operation is simpler and the efficiency is higher.