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RONGWIN Packaging and shipping of WD67Y-200T-2500 press brake and W11-10x2500 plate rolling machine

RONGWIN shows you the WD67Y 200T/2500 with E21 controller NC Press Brake Packing and shipping 
Our  200T/2500 Estun E21 NC press brake machine is designed by the advanced technology, which has the advantages of easy operation, economical and practical. Although it is an NC bending machine, the effect is comparable to a CNC press brake. The E21 bending machine is provided digital display for the positions of rear stopper and gliding block, as well as prompting function for soft limit of X/Y shaft and one-way positioning clearance. Rear stopper and upper gliding block are both fitted with coders, for a more accurate display for positions of rear stopper and upper gliding block in cooperation with digital display system, thus to further increase the operating precision of this machine.
RONGWIN hot sale W11-10x2500 three roller non-symmetric  plate rolling machine
This device is three rollers symmetrical mechanical rolling machine. It is used to Bend steel into drums shape with different diameters. And it is widely used in boiler industry, chemical industry, mine industry, building industry, shipbuilding industry. A.This machine is symmetrical rolling machine, down up roller and then let up and down rollers do opposite roll to bend steel plate. B. This machine composed of two parts those are working part welded in whole chassis and moving part. Working part composed of left and right bearing base, one up roller, two bottom rollers (the material of the three rollers is 45#steel and do heat treatment),lifting screw and turbine and other accessory parts. Down rollers drive up roller to move, up roller can do up and down move by height way. Drive part composed of main motor, main speed reducer and other accessory parts. C. Bottom rollers were drove by main motor through main speed reducer, output spindle of main speed reducer driven to two down rollers by one group gears, the revolve direction of rollers adjusted by main motor. D. Upper roll lifted by accessory motor through vice speed reducer drive worm and worm wheel mechanism of right/left rolls bearing base. That to let the lifting pole do up and down move. E. Unloading device is designed to remove the workpiece after drums bended into shape. Before unloading the upper rolls move to up limit position, the balance device on upper rolls ends hit upper rolls ,draw out the spindle of the pin ,then to remove the workpiece.