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QC11Y -6X6000 E21S NC 8

QC11/12 Y/K CNC Automatic Steel Sheet Shearing Machine for Metal Cutting with Motor and Pump for Farms New or Used

hydraulic shearing machine              

guillotine shearing machine              

metal sheet cutting machine                          

hydraulic shears           

automatic hydraulic shearing machine                                

nc shearing machine        
semi-automatic hydraulic shearing machine                               


QC11/12 Y/K CNC Automatic Steel Sheet Shearing Machine for Metal Cutting with Motor and Pump for Farms New or Used

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  • Product introduction

 1.The frame is steel welded structure, have sufficient strength and rigidity, eliminate internal stress and high frequency vibration, to ensure the overall accuracy of the fuselage. Has a good rigidity, two cylinders fixed on the left and right columns (wallboard). 
 2.Shear blades use 6CrW2Si material, heat treatment, high quality materials, can cutting stainless steel, top blade with four cutting edges, bottom blade with four cutting edges. 
 3.Worktable use ball, convenient feed materials, and ensure that the workpiece is not scratched at run time.

 1. Totally EU streamlined design,whole processing body ,stress relief process by Annealing treatment. 
 2. Adopt integrated hydraulic system, more reliable and easy for maintenance. and the hydraulic system from Bosch-Rexroth,Germany. 
 3. The distance of the back gauge is adjusted by the motor and is well adjustment is displayed by E21S. 
 4. Equipped with lighting-alignment, so as to align when shearing. The stroke of knife beam can be adjusted in stepless mode.


Three roller guide structure is adopted, and the front prepressure guide rail is used to keep the tool frame sticking to the upper guide rail and the lower guide rail. In the shear, the clearance of the blade can be adjusted according to the demand of different sheet materials to achieve better shear quality.

The right blade clearance will receive satisfactory shear effect. The machine tool is equipped with a quick blade clearance adjusting mechanism, which can meet the needs of different thickness of plate and material, and can be adjusted by rotating the hand wheel.

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