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What about CIF of 500w fiber laser cutting machine ?
Please consult our Customer Service about the CIF for specific items. We will clarify the terms and conditions right away when we start our negotiation, and to get everything in writing, so there is never any doubt on what has been agreed upon. If you are confused which Incoterms is better for in terms of costs, trade margins, supply chain efficiencies, time limits, etc, our sales experts could help!fiber laser cutting machine

With reliable quality and competitive price, Nanjing Rongwin Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd. are cooperating with many famous companies for its press brake. The press brake series is one of the main products of Rongwin. The raw materials of Rongwin 5 axis waterjet cutting machine are high quality, which is strictly selected from suppliers. Its screws, nuts, worms, and lead screws are perfectly fastened together. The product is moisture resistant. When placed in a wet environment, it is not quite susceptible to mold and mildew. Its electric circuits are highly integrated to prevent short-circuits.

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