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WF67K-Series 130 T 4000 4 axis plate bending machine Electro-hydraulic Synchronous CNC Press Brake

WF67K-Series 130 T 4000 4 axis plate bending machine Electro-hydraulic Synchronous CNC Press Brake
WF67K-Series 130 T 4000 4 axis plate bending machine Electro-hydraulic Synchronous CNC Press Brake
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Product Description
WF67K-E 130 Ton 4000 Electro-hydraulic Synchronous CNC Press Brake  
1.Adopt overall welding,after the aging treatment,then adopt overall processing methods to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the whole machine. 2.Hydraulic system adopts Germany Rexroth closed-loop control mode,controlled by the CNC system of Netherlands Delem.The up chamber internal of fuel tank equipped with Roxroth filling valve.The fuel tank of the upper install Rexroth synchronization valve block,grating imported from Germany to detection the balance of slider up and down and the uniformity of pressure,to ensure the synchronization of the slider and bending accuracy.
3.Just enter the sheet thickness,width,tensile strength and bending angle,the system will automatically control the pressure and the alider motion,without manual adjustment. 4.Workbench adopts mechanical torsion compensation system,as the mechanical compensation point,so the mechanical compensation effect is far greater than the hydraulic compensation,to achieve effective compensation without blind spots and improve the bending accuracy,to ensure the long-term stability. 5.Back gauge with digital servo motor drive,the full import of precision ball screw drive,and liner guide-oriented,ensure back gauge accuracy and strong repeatability, also according to user needs adopt more complete multiple back gauge axis of the back gauge institutions.
6.Energy saving,environmental protection and high efficiency CNC hydraulic press bender.
Detailed Images
              Hydraulic system
The digital closed-loop hydraulic system (electro-hydraulic proportional servo synchronous control system) for Rexroth bending machine, a famous brand in the world, is adopted. The system is a position control system, which can dynamically detect the synchronous error of the slide block through the grating ruler. The synchronous error of the slide block is corrected by the electro-hydraulic servo valve of the numerical control system, so that the slide block can always keep parallel with the workbench under the condition of off load. The synchronous accuracy of the slider is ≤± 0.02mm.

    Main Motor
   Hydraulic valve

High quality fast clamps
Easy to operate, time-saving and labor-saving 

Schneider Electrics
  France brand

         High quality bending die
            The integral quenching precision 
                 CNC bending die is durable

Plate support arms
Movable front material support on HIWIN linear guider, can move left and right by hand very easy
    Compensation Worktable
In order to ensure the bending accuracy of the workpiece, a mechanical deflection compensation mechanism (convex control axis w) controlled by the numerical control system is specially set up to compensate the deformation of the sliding plate and the vertical plate of the worktable under load. By using the wedge iron compensation device of the bending machine table, a group of ideal convex lines can be formed, which can realize perfect compensation in the whole length and ensure the quality of workpiece processing requirements.
                   Grating rule
Axis Y1, Y2 -- the left and right sides of the slide block are respectively equipped with Italian givi high-precision grating ruler (Y1, Y2), which is used to determine the exact position of the slide block and the workbench. The grating ruler is connected with the workbench through a C-shaped frame, which can eliminate the influence of the deformation of the throat of the rack on the position of the slide block to the greatest extent. The measurement accuracy will not be affected by the elastic deformation of the rack, and the accurate position data will be fed back to the CNC system In general, it can calculate the output servo valve control signals (S1, S2). Thus, the positioning accuracy of the slider is ± 0.02mm, and the repeated positioning accuracy is ± 0.01mm.

       Laser safety guard
Avoid operator and third party hazards
A variety of control systems are available for you to choose. 
Different systems control different number of backguage axis. Customers can choose suitable solutions according to their own needs.

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