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WD67K-Series Torsion Bar Two Axis Hydraulic CNC Press Brake

WD67K-Series Torsion Bar Two Axis Hydraulic CNC Press Brake


1. All steel welded structure, integrated treatment (vibration aging, heat treatment) heating to eliminate stress, have good
rigidity and stability.
2. Heat treatment of the rack, rigidity optimization verification on entire machine and the application of hydraulic compensation nstructure jointly ensure the bending precision of MB8 series Press Brakes.
3. Programming a product simply consists of introducing the characteristics of the material to be bent,the dimensions of theproduct and the necessary tooling & die.The optimizing software searches for the best bending cycle.
4. Rear block distance, upper stroke, electric adjustment, manual fine adjustment device, digital display.
5. Backgauge adopts ball-bearing screw and rolling guideway,quick speed and high repeat positioning precision.X axes with resolution 0.1mm.

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