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WD67K-Series 100T3200 Torsion Bar Hydraulic CNC Folding Machine for Metal Sheet Bending

WD67K-Series 100T3200 Torsion Bar Hydraulic CNC Folding Machine for Metal Sheet Bending
WD67K series press brake
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WD67K-Series 100T3200 Torsion Bar Hydraulic CNC Folding Machine for Metal Sheet Bending  

1. All steel welded structure, integrated treatment (vibration aging, heat treatment) heating to eliminate

stress, have good rigidity and stability.

2. Heat treatment of the rack, rigidity optimization verification on entire machine and the application of

hydraulic compensation nstructure jointly ensure the bending precision of MB8 series Press Brakes.

3. Programming a product simply consists of introducing the characteristics of the material to be bent,the

dimensions of theproduct and the necessary tooling & die.The optimizing software searches for the best bending cycle.

4. Rear block distance, upper stroke, electric adjustment, manual fine adjustment device, digital display.

5. Backgauge adopts ball-bearing screw and rolling guideway,quick speed and high repeat positioning precision.

X axes with resolution 0.1mm.

Cybtouch 8P CYBELEC                                        DA-41S DELEM

High-contrast touchscreen, with vivid colors.                                             · Using servo control technology·

Simple pages, clear display, large keys                                                       · 4.7” high bright liquid crystal display screen with muti-nation

· Complete programming for efficient mass-production with                     language interface including Chinese  multiple bends.                                                                                          · Die parameter setting,bending angle programming

· Easy single bends with the EasyBend page.                                              · About 100 programs are stored, and there are 25 operations

· Online help and interactive warning pop-up.                                             in each program

· Comfortable wireless software updating and data backup                      · The escaped material is programmable,the processing   using PC or Notebook.                                                                              quantity is accountable,there is memory to power off,

· Large variety of languages available.                                                         and conversion between metric system and inches system· Various automatic calculations of bend functions. · Bending sequences and programs can be memorized. · Angle, pressure and crowning management.

Main Motor

Siemence Brand 

High quality fast clamps

Easy to operate, time-saving and labor-saving 

Schneider Electrics

France brand

Synchronous balance shaft

Hydraulic Valve

Plate support arms

Movable front material support on HIWIN linear guider, can move left and right by hand very easy


Laser safety guard

Avoid operator and third party hazards

Compensation Worktable

Solve the deformation compensation of the bending machine base under the force 

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