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Sheet Metal Servo Bending Center CNC Panel Bender

Sheet Metal Servo Bending Center CNC Panel Bender

Rongwin panel bender bending center adopts a full servo system. Unlike traditional bending machines, the bending machine mold needs to be pressed down against the fixed part of the bending machine, but the bending work is completed by the blade. During the bending process, the plate The material holder fixes the plate. The blade can be bent up or down in different shapes. First, one side is bent outward, and then it is automatically bent inward. These different actions are controlled by the servo electric drive device, which can ensure the highest positioning accuracy in the bending sequence and bring the best bending effect.
Industry Application
*Food machinery, goods and household appliances
*Steel furniture, sheet metal and warehouse *Electrical cabinet
*Steel door and frame *Elevators and escalators
*Generators *Hospital and laboratory equipment
*HVAC *lighting device
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Control system
Rongwin’s new independent research and development of 9-axis (supporting up to 16-axis concurrency) concurrent linkage full-servo CNC system, seamless action, coherence, global leading work efficiency, independent design of lead-free soldering of hardware circuit boards, surface immersion gold processing technology, stability durable.

Machine frame
High precision, vibration reduction and pressure reduction, wear resistance, no deformation

Press brake tool
High-quality moulds after heat treatment and quenching are more durable.

Various shapes can be bent without changing moulds.

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