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RONGWIN wholesales price sheet metal manual folding machine for sale

RONGWIN wholesales price sheet metal manual folding machine for sale
RONGWIN manual press brake and bending machine/sheet metal manual folding machine
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Product Description
RONGWIN manual folding machine is developed on the basis of multi-year production and use, has various specifications and various specifications, and has the advantages that the upper die or the adjustable lower die can be adjusted during the activity of the manual folding machine, the tool can be adjusted according to the panel, and different sizes can be processed according to different requirements, The metal plate is folded out of a flanging or a four-sided bottom piece or a disc piece.
Detailed Images

Folding machine blades
The high quality forging carbon tool steel used in the edge folding machine has the advantages of quenching heat treatment, long bending life, small deformation, and can modify the cutting edge size according to customer requirements to realize the bending of special workpiece.

Lever bending arm
The bending arm of the folding machine adopts double lever design, and the whole force surface is thickened and strengthened, so that the bending force output is stronger.  

Angle arm
The angle arm of folding machine has the characteristic of adjustable bending angle. Before bending, rotate the angle arm to the angle that needs to be bent, lock the left positioning screw, loosen the angle arm, and then the angle of the product will be the same as that of batch bending.

Pressing wheel
During the bending process of the manual folding machine, the plate is locked by turning the pressing wheel on the right side, so as to avoid the bending error caused by the tensile displacement of the board during the bending process.

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