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Rongwin Tooling clamps for press brake machine

Rongwin Tooling clamps for press brake machine


Rongwin high quality press brake tooling clamps have various types, which are suitable for various types of hydraulic press brake machines. 

For example, push-pull fast clamps, rotary fast clamps, button fast clamps, etc. 

Also we can produces normal quick clamps and hydraulic clamps.Please contact us if necessary!

Application of fast clamps

There are two types of bending machine splint: Quick Clamp template and ordinary clamp template. The general numerical control bending machine is equipped with quick clamp template, and the ordinary bending machine is equipped with simple clamp template. Please choose according to the machine tool. There are a variety of fast clip templates, including domestic CNC bending machine and imported bending machine splint.

Feature of fast clamps

Fast clamps has the advantages of high precision, reasonable structure, stable clamping, no knife dropping when pressing the short knife and so on. The inner side of the numerical control quick clamp is equipped with wear-resistant adhesive tape, which is easy to clamp and not loose when installing the bending machine mould, the advantages such as cutting tools can not be lost, thus greatly shortening the adjustment time of the clamping upper die.

The fast clamps template materials produced by our company are all forged, processed by CNC machining center, and fully ensured the hardness and precision of clamp template through high temperature quenching. There are two kinds of surface treatment, electroplating and blackening.

Other optional of the clamps as following:

Advantage of fast clamps

1. The fixture and the fixed surface of the machine tool are designed with safety groove, which can effectively prevent accidents caused by the fixture falling off when installing and disassembling the fixture;
2. Adjusting the angle of the wedge of the degree of mercy is self-locking design to ensure that the clamp will not shift after being pressed for a long time;
3. The accepted parts use 40Cr material, which ensures enough hardness after quenching;
4. The screw of locking the pressing plate adopts the fine tooth screw with special spherical contact, which ensures the precision of fine adjustment;
5. The pressing plate of the pressing die adopts the design of adhesive hook, which can avoid the cutting tool falling off when the clamp is loosened in time;
6. The rotating handle design effectively compensates the mold thickness error to ensure that the mold is clamped forever;
7. The platen can be installed with elastic polyurethane to effectively ensure the clamping of segmented mould;

8. Main accuracy dimensional tolerance, parallelism less than 0.02, verticality less than 0.01.

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