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rongwin rolling machine

rongwin rolling machine

Product Description
4 Roller Automatic Electronic Hydraulic Small Plate Rolling Bending Machine
Rongwin produces various types of plate bending machines, such as mechanical three-roller symmetrical plate bending machine, hydraulic three-roller symmetrical plate bending machine, upper-roller universal plate bending machine, four-roller plate bending machine, etc. The plate rolling machine is a shaping machine for continuous point bending of plates. It has the function of rolling O-shaped, U-shaped, multi-segment R and other shapes of plates. Meet the needs of different customers.
Main Function
The 3-roller symmetrical plate rolling machine adopts mechanical (hydraulic) driving with the upper roller moving vertically in the center between the two lower rollers which is achieved though the driving of the screws ,the nut ,the worm and the lead screws. The two lower rollers rotates and provide the plate materials with torque though the engagement of the output gear of the moderator with the gear of the lower rollers. The structure of the machine is simple and compact. It is convenient to maintain and repair. The machine is equipment with electrical case which only need one person to operation.  The electrical air case has moving direction of every part. The upper roller moves overdraft press .The lower rollers rotate, co-rotate and press the button. It is very convenient to operate and it has low fault rate. 
Three roller plate rolling machine for ship-building industry
The machine adopts a 3-roller symmetrical structure. The upper roller makes vertical movement at a symmetrical position in the center between the two lower rollers. The hydraulic driving is achieved through the action of the oil in the hydraulic cylinder on the piston. The tow lower rollers make rotation,and provide the plates with torque through the engagement between the gear of the moderator and the gear of the lower roller. Several groups of support rollers are devised on the lower side of the two lower rollers to enhance the rigidity of the lower rollers, and enables vertical adjustment. On the upper side of the upper roller, there is a rigid beam. And, between the beam and the upper roller, there are several groups of support rollers to enhance the rigidity of the upper roller. The machine is fit for bending the work-piece in arc shape and with excessive width.
Main Function
The upper roller universal plate rolling machine is a hydraulic three-roller bending machine.
Unique curved technology, the end part of high accuracy has in advance curved, no back angle when bending continuously, curved course digital control. Rich curved shape, have rolling O type, U type, multistage R and other different shape.

Working Principle
1、Upper roller can do both level movement (move from left to right)and vertical movement(move from up to down). 2、Bottom roller is fixed. It just does rotation clockwise and counterclockwise. 3、pre-bending is achieved by horizontal movement of upper roller and presses the end of plate .High precision pre-bending, freely control the straight side of plate. 4、rolling round, it is achieved by means of  the motor and reducer to drive two bottom rollers. 

Electric Cabinet

Hydraulic Pressure Station

Main Function
The hydraulic 4-roller plate rolling machine is that the pre-bending and rolling the top ends of the plates can be achieved on the same machine. Rolling it into round, cone and other shapes.
The machine adopts the four-roller structure with the upper roller as the main drive, providing the plates bending with torque through the engagement between the gear of the moderator and the gear of the upper roller. The lower roller makes vertical movements and imposes a force on the piston through the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder so as to clamp the plate tight. Side rollers are arranged on the two sides of the lides of the lower roller,and make inclining movement along the guide rail, and provide drive through the screw,the nut,the worm and the lead screw.

Cone-rolling device

Control Panel

Numeric Controls
To roll a lot of identical plates, just press the “start” button. All the movements will be automatically performed by the CNC (as different materials change the diameters, manual corrections can be required, to improve the results).It is suggested to roll in one pass automatic mode up to 60~70% of the pre-bending capacity (multiple passes parts can be eventually programmed in Editor mode).Proven programs can be saved in memory, for future use.
Support System (optional)
Hydraulic valve
Yuken (Japan)
Sealing element
Parker (USA)
Low voltage apparatus
Touch screen
Delta (Taiwan)
Double-row self-aligning roller bearing

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