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RONGWIN Laser Cutting Machine Blanking and CNC Panel Bender Bending into a Box for Cabinet

RONGWIN Laser Cutting Machine Blanking and CNC Panel Bender Bending into a Box for Cabinet
RONGWIN Guides you how to folding steel box use laser cutting machine and CNC panel bender
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Product Description
RONGWIN intelligent flexible bending center is an automation product developed for the sheet metal industry to improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and enhance corporate image. High, low power consumption, simple daily maintenance, high degree of automation, easy operation, suitable for processing stainless steel, cold plate, aluminum plate and other industries It can be combined with complex shapes, and can be compatible with manual loading and unloading, robot loading and unloading, or manipulator loading and unloading. With the laser cutting machine cutting, it is the best match for high production efficiency.
Industry Application
*Food machinery, goods and household appliances
*Steel furniture, sheet metal and warehouse *Electrical cabinet
*Steel door and frame *Elevators and escalators
*Generators *Hospital and laboratory equipment
*HVAC *lighting device
Detailed Images

RONGWIN laser cutting machines
Semi-Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Bottle Making Machine Bottle Moulding Machine PET Bottle Making Machine is suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapes.

Laser generator
A variety of domestic and foreign high-quality laser generator brands to choose from

Gear, rack and guideline
Between the guide and rack using precision collimator to calibrate the accuracy of ±0.01mm

Machine frame
The main body adopts high-strength welding structure, the main structure structure is stable, and the service life is long. Heat treatment to remove internal stress, strong rigidity, heavy tonnage, ensure long-term stability of machine tool accuracy, and improve machine tool bending accuracy, reliability and durability

Bearing, ball screw linear guide
Japan NSK bearing, Taiwan HIWIN ball screw linear guide

Panel Bender tools
High-quality tools after heat treatment and quenching are more durable.

Various shapes can be automatic bending

Max. bending speed
0.3 s/time
Max. bending width
Bending height
170 mm
Max feeding speed
120 m/min
Max. bending thickness
Stainless steel 1.0 mm
Carbon steel 1.5mm
Aluminum 2.0 mm
Min. bending thickness
0.35 mm

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