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Rongwin hydraulic press embossing machine with metal Door panel

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Metal Door panel used hydraulic press embossing machine for sale 3000T
 This machine is a three beams and eight columns hydraulic press machine for security door, steel door, interior door, stainless steel door, and large iron gate. This machine is applicable to major security door manufacturers and steel wholesale market, stamping all kinds of flower security door panels, stainless steel door panels, indoor Door panel, it has the advantages of fast, safe and reliable, energy saving, beautiful appearance, low cost and so on. The device embossed effect is very good, the pattern is clear, a strong sense of three-dimensional. The embossing machine is a senior engineer of the company. Based on many years of design experience, it is continuously updated and innovative. The design is reasonable and easy to learn. The average worker can learn to operate in a few minutes. The whole structure makes people feel no complicated place, but the pressure plate effect is very good.
Detailed Images
  • Cylinder

  • Polished and high rigidity treatment

Main motor
Germany Siemens Motor
Water chiller
Lower the temperature of hydraulic oil
Electronic components
France Schneider electric
Pressure gauge
Check the hydraulic working pressure
Hydraulic Valve
Germany Rexroth Hydraulic valve
CNC Control
Various door pattern mold customization
Various door pattern mold customization
1. With PLC control 2. operating ways for choice 3. Integral forged 45# steel, quenching and tempering 4. High efficient, convenient and safe operation 5. Best forming effect, clear 3-dimensional pictorial 6. High quality steel plate welded with accuracy and stability 7. Independent electrical and hydraulic power mechanism 8. Simply structured and well performed for energy saving 9. Available working pressure, speed, and stroke settings

Finished product
Various tonnage machines can be provided according to different patterns and plate thicknesses
Three beams and eight columns
Frame type

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