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RONGWIN hot sale press brake bending film for protect metal sheet from scratches

RONGWIN hot sale press brake bending film for protect metal sheet from scratches
Best price high quality press brake bending film for protect metal sheet from scratches
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Background conditions:
In the process of bending, due to the influence of mold, bending pressure and other factors, the plate often produces indentation, especially aluminum plate and stainless steel plate, which will seriously affect the appearance of the product. In order to avoid or reduce these indentations, many manufacturers choose to carry out secondary processing, regrinding after bending or painting the plate. Some manufacturers coating the plate before bending to avoid indentation. However, these operations are not only time-consuming and labor-consuming, but also have little effect.

RONGWIN bending film has been verified by tests, in addition to the surface quality, it also greatly improves the service life. The bending protective film is used as a buffer between the workpiece and the lower mold, so as to prevent the workpiece from being indented during bending. When using, just put the bending film on the lower mold of the bending machine.
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Features of Bending Anti-Indentation Protective Film
1. Strong wear resistance 2. Strong tear resistance 3. Excellent bending performance 4. High tensile strength and elongation at break 5. Low temperature and high temperature resistance +50℃~150℃ 6. Low long-term compression deformation rate 7. Resistant to oil, lubricating oil and aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents 8. Resistant to oxygen and ozone, aging resistance
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For non-indentation bending, our company offers a variety of solutions to choose from

V groove roll die
When the sheet is bent, the V-groove roller is rotated to reduce the friction on the sheet, thereby protecting the scratches on the surface of the sheet.

Rolling V-shaped die
The main working principle of the rolling V-shaped die is that the upper die falls, the rotating shaft rotates, and the turning
plate is turned. It is precisely because the turnover of the turnover plate makes the workpiece fully contact with the lower die,
without any sliding range, so as to avoid indentation.
Polyurethane strip mold
The replaceable rubber strip v-mold is to open a gap on both sides of the common v-mold, and insert the rubber strip into the gap.
In the bending process, the plate contacts the rubber strip. The hardness of rubber strip is far lower than that of common lower
die, so as to avoid indentation.

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