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Rongwin hot-sale pipe laser cutting machine vendor for hardware

Rongwin hot-sale pipe laser cutting machine vendor for hardware
Nanjing Rongwin Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd. is an all-round company involving the design, production, and marketing of 500w fiber laser cutting machine . We provide a wide range of product portfolio.
RWL-3015 Closed type
L/C, T/T

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Enterprise Strength
  • Rongwin provides professional, diversified and international services for customers.
Company Advantages
1. pipe laser cutting machine exceed other similar products with its 500w fiber laser cutting machine materials.
2. The product has to be tested before coming into the market to ensure it meets all national and international regulations, giving you an assurance in its safety and overall performance.
3. People who have used this product said that it has a good cooling effect, which greatly improves the efficiency of their business.
4. Thanks to its high tensile strength, people all praises that this product is able to withstand numerous times of wears and tears.

Company Features
1. Nanjing Rongwin Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd. is an all-round company involving the design, production, and marketing of 500w fiber laser cutting machine . We provide a wide range of product portfolio.
2. Nanjing Rongwin Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd. has a strong scientific research personnel, with rich experience and the production of innovative thinking.
3. Our company is one of the largest and most influential manufacturers in the pipe laser cutting machine industry. Check it! The operating tenet of Nanjing Rongwin Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd. is to 1500w laser cutting machine . Check it! Nanjing Rongwin Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd. is unswervingly pursuing the strategic goals of fiber laser cutting machine for metal. Check it!


RWL-3015 Closed type

Working Table


Fiber Laser


1)3300W China Raycus laser source

2)3000W IPG laser source

Cutting Head

Auto Focus Raytool Cutting head

Lathe Bed

Made by our factory

X/Y axis Reducer

Taiwan APEX P2 flanged joint

X/Y axis Rack and Pinion

1 set YYC FROM Taiwan grinding din6 precision

Automatic Lubrication System


Proportional Valve

SMC from Japan,or PARKER from USA

Focus Lens


Drive Mode

Dual Drive

Electrical Control System

Siemens ,Schneider ,etc

Ball Screw and Guide Rail

1 set Ball Screw H grade precision HIWIN from TAIWAN for Z axis,  Each 2 sets H grade precision Linear Guide HIWIN from TAIWAN for both X and Y axis

Servo Motor and Drive

4 set of YASKAWA from JAPAN

Cutting thickness (in the required cutting condition)

Upto 20mm thickness M.S---3000W/3300W Cutting speed 0.6-065m/min for 20mm thickness

Water Chiller

Hanli,China famous brand

CNC and software

Cypcut from SHANGHAI

Format Supported


Power requirement

3 Phase ,50HZ, Customized Voltage

Gross Weight

Siemens ,Schneider ,etc

Packing Size






Protection mirror



Laser head nozzle

10 PCS







Protection mirror (300 hours life)

10 PCS


Laser head nozzle (800 hours life)

10 PCS


Ceramic O-ring (3000 hours life)



*The main frame adopts a gantry structure welded with all steel plate to guarantee long-term existence deformation.

*Machine bed is overall structure ,it is stable because of we do heat treatment

*The machine bed is milled by imported gantry milling in one time

*Adopting gantry rack double guide,double servo drive structure

*Improve the stability and rigidity of Y axis beam,to ensure the higher precision and higher dynamic performance of the beam movement.

*The high speed and smooth running of the shaft beam can reduce gas consumption.

The beam sliding table adopts integral casting aluminum parts, which can reduce the weight of the beam and ensure good stability, So that can meet the high-speed operation of the machine .

Water chiller

*Adopt domestic first-class brand, professional laser chiller, good stability, high precision

* With two-way temperature control, different temperature control can be performed on the laser and cutting head to ensure more stable laser and cutting head

*Functions include: water pressure alarm, high and low temperature alarm, voltage alarm, and various fault alarms.

*Use Original Germany precitec laser cutting head of top Germany Technology, Full sealed design , ensure long lifetime of mirrors.

* Laser beam is delivered to cutting head by original optical fiber cable

*Fiber cable is fixed to cutting head via QBH plug , realize easy plug in pull out of fiber cable .

*Laser beam goes through collimation lens to be aligned and achieve a better laser beam shape and quality  

*Laser beam finds its focus via focusing lens unit.

* Protection lens prevents focus lens from cutting sprays and particle during cutting process.

*Height adjustment is a sensor unit inside cutting head , it can adjust height of laser cutting head automatically with high sense precision. It assists to achieve better cutting quality.

*Ceramic ring protects cutting head .

China famous brand Raycus laser source

*High beam quality output

* High reliability, long service life

*Can use air cutting to save costs

*High electro-optical conversion efficiency

* Compact design

*Optical output comes with a collimation output

*external computer control interface

Automatic lubrication system

Automatic lubrication system for Liner guide and Rack and pinion.which can easily lubricate smoothly and automatically, so that can ensure flexibility and stably of transmission system . Free maintenance and extend the lifetime of working tables.

SMC Proportional Valve

* It can automatically control 3 types of gas (O2,N2,compressor air)

*By this auto pressure control of cutting gas , it can easily and precisely control the cutting gas for different cutting shapes ,greatly improve the cutting precision of small hole ,short line… such small parts.

CYPCUT Control Software

*Nesting software optimized cutting path (read CAD drawing directly)

*Intuitive interface, perfect match with Auto CAD software.

*Software and height adjustment system communicate via net cable

*Flying cutting & Real-time power adjustment

*Cutting parameters material library

*PLC programming process

*Online troubleshooting recording

*Operational status recording

*Automatic boundary location function

*The use of closed control design: a good closed effect guarantees the control of the appliance's dust-free effect, providing protection for long hours of work.

*Configuration thermostatic air conditioning: to ensure constant temperature inside the control cabinet, to prevent the temperature changes caused by condensation in the control cabinet laser and electrical components.

*Waterproof design: The control cabinet is designed with 2 layers. There are no electrical appliances on the ground floor to deal with sudden flooding.


Japan FUJI /YASAKAWA brand servo motor                              Servo &Reducer Motor                                         Japan SHIMPO brand reducer motor

Auto Exhausting Design


We have divided into several separate rooms for dust exhausting , which save power consumption effectively.

These are available brand for our components :

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