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RONGWIN High-efficiency fast-type power press machine
power press machine
Roewe high-speed precision power press adopts high-strength cast iron body, high precision, stability and convenient inspection and maintenance.
JH21 Punching Machine
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JH21 series of power press

Product Description

JH21 series of power press has the following characteristics:

1. The steel plate welded body has good rigidity and stable accuracy. 

2. Adopt dry or wet pneumatic friction clutch and brake, the action is sensitive and reliable.

3. The large gears and gear shafts are precisely ground, and the machine tool has low operating noise. 

4. Slider six-sided guide rail, with pneumatic balancing device, stable operation and accurate accuracy.

5. The hydraulic overload protection device is adopted to effectively protect the press and mold. 

6. After adopting PLC control and automatic feeding device, it can form a single-machine automatic or multi-machine automatic stamping production line. 

7. In addition to the fixed speed, this model has two infinitely variable speed travel options, which are more suitable for stamping process requirements and improve production efficiency.

Rongwin company can customize the production line of various hinge, you only need to tell us the product style and speed requirements you need to produce, and our engineers will give you a plan that is most suitable for you. Customize the machines and molds you need and give you a one-stop solution.

This hinge production line includes automatic feeding device, Customized JH21 pneumatic power press, customized moulds,  automatic chamfering machine, automatic polishing machine and automatic assembly machine.

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