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RONGWIN guide you how to install the welding machine

RONGWIN guide you how to install the welding machine


RONGWIN laser handheld welding equipment produced by laser is a new generation of laser welding products. It is easy to install and simple to operate. It can be used for welding after turning on the power and turning on the equipment. It can be widely used in welding of kitchen appliances, door and window guardrails, stairs and elevators, stainless steel furniture, metal sheet metal, advertising, craft gifts, auto repair, automobile manufacturing, rail transit and aerospace;

Precautions before use:

1. Check whether the appearance of the laser welding machine is abnormal, and whether the output cable is bent or damaged.

2. Make sure that the power socket is in good contact.

3. Check and make sure that there is no dust inside and outside the welding protection lens.

4. Check and make sure that the buttons and switches on the whole machine are in normal state.


1. Turn on the main power and check the emergency stop button on the control panel of the device. If it is pressed, turn it and pop it up. Add water (distilled water or pure water) to the water inlet of the chiller, and add it between the scale L-H.

2. Turn on the key switch on the control panel, after turning on the "Power Indication" red/green indicator light is on, the system is powered on and initialized.

3. Turn on the laser key switch, turn on the water cooler switch.

4. After the system is started, set the laser welding parameters through the touch screen.

5. After the laser parameter setting is completed, press the laser enable button on the laser welding host, after pressing the button, the red indicator light will be on.

6. Put on laser protective glasses, clamp the safety circuit protection clip equipped with the handheld welding head on the workpiece (to ensure conductivity), the gun head touches the workpiece and aligns with the part to be welded, and the finger presses the metal shrapnel button on the handle of the handheld head. Idemitsu performs welding work.

7. After use, loosen the hand-held shrapnel button, loosen the safety protection clip, turn off the red/green enable knob of the laser welder host, turn off the laser key switch, the key switch and the air switch on the back of the chassis, and insert the welding gun head back into the host Place the box and unplug the power plug.

Parameter setting:

1. The adjusted process parameters will be displayed on the homepage, click "Process" to select Process 1 Adjust the above parameters according to "Process Parameter Table". There can be 9 kinds of crafts, and the user can directly call it after setting it once according to his own different welding products.

2. After setting the parameters, click "Save" directly, and then click "Import" and click "Return" to see the set parameter values on the first page.

More details please check the following video:

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