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RONGWIN EP-S series all-electric table press brake mini bending machine for sheet metal folding 1 - 9 sets

RONGWIN EP-S series all-electric table press brake mini bending machine for sheet metal folding 1 - 9 sets
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Products Description

RONGWIN Factory Price Full Servo Electric Press Brake CNC Bending Machine For Sheet Metal Folding

EP-S Series Full Servo Electric CNC Press Brake
1. It adopts all-electric servo design precision folding bed, and has a high-rigidity and stable body design. 2. With high-speed back gauge and precision dual-servo motor spindle drive, it can achieve stable processing with high-speed precision. 3. It can greatly save 60% of the power used, and there is no need to replace the oil and oil pressure valve regularly. 4. There is no problem of oil temperature change affecting the machining accuracy, which can reduce the influence of thermal effect. 5. It is suitable for rapid production of small samples and stable processing of a large number of high-speed and high-precision. 6. It can be used in multi-stage continuous combined bending processing, which greatly improves production efficiency.
Our Advantages
RONGWIN EP-S series Full-electric servo CNC press brake, especially power saving and green environmental protection.Special power saving: The difference in electricity consumption between an all-electric servo bending machine and an electro-hydraulic CNC bending machine is like the difference between an inverter air conditioner and an ordinary air conditioner. The all-electric servo bending machine automatically outputs the appropriate power according to the working conditions, and the power consumption during idle time is less than 0.5kw, so special power saving.Green and environmental protection: no need to use and replace hydraulic oil, which ends the pollution of waste hydraulic oil to the environment.
Machine parameters
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Servo motor
RONGWIN EP-S series pure electric bending machine is driven by a servo motor to drive the electric cylinder. The power consumption of the servo motor is very small during the fast down and return journey, which is very energy-saving.

High precision heavy duty lead screw
The transmission slider reciprocates, the output force is stable, the transmission precision is high, and the consistency of the bending pressure is guaranteed.

Electronic control system
Adopt Inovance servo motor, general standard imported circuit board components, convenient maintenance, high torque, high precision, fast response, low noise and so on.

High precision backgauge
Using servo motor to drive the positioning axis, the mechanical structure is compact, the running speed is fast, the stability is high, and the repeated positioning accuracy is high.

Fast clamps
The installation is simple and stable, and it can effectively prevent the upper die from falling off. It not only has high precision, but also the surface is treated with blackening.

Laser safety guard
Avoid operator and third party hazards

Bending follower
Controlled by the control system,  efficient and convenient (optional)

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