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RONGWIN 2022 TOP CNC Hydraulic Bending Follower
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Product Description
RONGWIN floor type press brake bending follower advantages
•Suitable fdor large size sheet metal bending, reduce artificial
•Improve press brake processing efficiency,ensure the accuracy of bending angle
•Accurately read the displacement data of Y axis and keep 100% synchronization with Y axis
•Independent control system, no need to upgrade the original system of the bending machine
•Suitable for matching with various types of press brake
•Adjust the up and down movement according to the height of the die, and the size of the V slot
•Equipment with a brush table to prevent any sheet from being scratched, slipped or dropped
•Flexible and easy to use, easy to load and unload, realize a multi-platform sharing mode with moving

Unique advantage
   There is no need to install an additional grating ruler or a rope encoder, and the Y-axis control signal of the bending machine is directly introduced from the control cabinet to ensure 100% synchronization with the equipment, and at the same time effectively reduce the follow-up spare parts procurement costs and after-sales service costs.
   Switch to other equipment flexibly, realize the most convenient "one-button switching" mode, and use the minimum cost to preset the connection port between the follower and the bending machine in advance.
Unique transmission structure - lever structure
 The leading design of the bending industry is driven by the servo motor + reducer to drive the spur gear and the spur rack, and the adjustable lever structure connection on the top of the spur rack pushes the table to rotate around the center of the circle to realize the bending follow-up.  Using the lever structure, each joint is connected together and connected with the table, when the spur rack pushes the table, the weight of the load is evenly distributed on each joint structure through the lever connection, so that the force of the spur rack is shared, Greatly improve the service life of the entire follow-up mechanism. At the same time, it also ensures the accuracy of the entire mechanism and the smooth and efficient rotation in the process. The structure is stable and requires little daily specialized maintenance and upkeep.
Rotation Center Positioning Device
①Place the A side of the rotation center device on the D side of the table top of the bending follower; ②Attach the B side of the rotation center device to the C side of the table top of the bending follower; ③ Point the rotation center arrow of the rotation center device to the outer edge of the V-port of the lower mold.
BF-01 Bending follower dimensions
BF-01 Bending follower main technical parameters
Lifting weight
Main motor power
Mini angle
Working speed
Slider stroke
Vertical: 150mm, Horizontal: 40mm
Dimensions (L*W*H)
Machine weight
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Company Introduction
Nanjing Rongwin machinery technology co.,ltd is located in Zijin Technology Center, Lishui Economic Development Zone,Nanjing,Jiangsu,China (Mainland). Our company is a comprehensive enterprise integrating production and sales. The main products are bending machine and other mechanical equipment, longitudinal shear blades, hobbing scissors, rubber-coated spacers, carbide blades, bending machine die, etc.It is widely used in metallurgy, paper making, printing, forestry hardware, plastics,
rubber, metal and other industries.The company's products have won high praise from customers all over the world with high quality and preferential prices.
Our company has a strong research and design force, constantly absorbing advanced technology and experience at home and abroad. After years of development, the company with strong technical force, excellent management system, excellent equipment, perfect testing methods, to bring customers real benefits, earlier delivery date and quality assurance. Our company's consistent pursuit is to improve product quality, take science and technology as the spirit, take quality as the guarantee, seek development with products, survive with reputation, perfect quality management system and excellent and thoughtful after-sales service to serve you wholeheartedly.

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