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Rongwei machinery guides you the precautions for using the shearing machine

Rongwei machinery guides you the precautions for using the shearing machine


Precautions for use of shearing machine:

1. Start the plate shearing machine for idling for several cycles to ensure that under normal conditions, test shear plates of different thicknesses from thin to thick. Ensure that users are familiar with the performance of plate shears.

2. During shear test, the clearance between different blades shall be adjusted for different plate thickness. If the corresponding blade clearance is not adjusted, the blade durability will be affected.

3. Turn on the pressure gauge switch during the shearing process of the plate shear and observe the pressure value of the oil circuit. When shearing 12mm plates, the pressure should be less than 20MPa. The pressure of this remote pressure regulating valve No9 is set at 20-22mpa when leaving the factory. The user must abide by this regulation and shall not increase the pressure for shearing the specified material surface, resulting in machine damage.

Guillotine shearing machine 12x4000

4. Sound balance during operation. If the shearing machine has noise, stop the machine for inspection.

5. During the operation of the shearing machine, the oil tank is raised to a temperature of < 60 ℃, and when it exceeds 60 ℃, shut down and rest.

6. The blade edge shall be kept sharp. If the blade edge becomes blunt or cracks, it shall be replaced in time.

7. When the shear plate is cut, the pressing installation shall firmly press the plate, and it is not allowed to continue cutting when the pressing is not tight.

8. For the facilities with hydraulic installation, except the hydraulic valve, other hydraulic valves are not allowed to be adjusted privately.

Beam shearing machine

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