Rongwin has specialized in metal working machinery and spare parts for 12 years

How many production lines does Rongwin run?
Nanjing Rongwin Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd. is capable of manufacture of according to your needs. A production line is the sequential operations based at a factory. The line is backed by QC staff and R&D team.

Rongwin is expanding its factory scale to get higher capacity for metal laser cutting machine. Rongwin produces a number of different product series, including sheet metal roller. The raw materials used in Rongwin 5 axis waterjet cutting machine is totally improved, which is different from traditional ones. High precision positioning of the workpieces is one of the advantages of the machine. The product is highly efficient. It adopts reverse osmosis pure water filtration systems technology which is the most advanced and energy-saving membrane separation technology. It is endowed with a touch screen having a force sensitive surface.

The strong aim of we would be to function as future global custom water jet cutting supplier. Inquire now!
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