Rongwin has specialized in metal working machinery and spare parts for 12 years

How about the minimum order quantity for OEM products?
It depends. Minimum amount will be determined when we receive your specifications on the product. We welcome all of OEM orders and will customize any kind of stainless steel sheet cutting machine for your own specifications. Should you require a customized product for you, contact OEM section.

The targeted market of Nanjing Rongwin Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd. is spread all over the world. The precision waterjet cutting services series is one of the main products of Rongwin. The production of Rongwin ironworker machine conforms to the industrial standards. It can withstand high torque and will not deform easily. The product features remarkable reliability. The filtration device can work at low pressure and the display device has the auto-check function. It is resistant to high temperature and high pressure.

We specialize in cutting-edge production technology fro press brake and will create the best value for our customers. Check now!
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