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Double drive enclosed type exchange table fiber laser metal cutting machine

Double drive enclosed type exchange table fiber laser metal cutting machine
fiber laser cutting machine closed type
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Double drive enclosed type exchange tablefiber laser metal cutting machine is equipped with the most advanced

international imported fiber laser source which generates powerful laser focused on objects to cause instant melting

and evaporation.Automatic cutting is controlled by digitalized mechanic system.This hi-tech machine has condensed

the advanced technologies of fiber laser,digital,and precise mechanics.

Applicable to fast cutting on plate or tube in metal,mainly for cutting on SS,carbon steel,Manganese steel ,galvanized

plate,alloy plate,rare metal.

Widely used in kitchen appliance,electric control box,high-resolute device,mechanical equipment,electrical equipment,

lighting,posters,auto parts,display equipment,hardware and metal processing. 

Fuselage structure

★The main frame adopts the gantry structure and the whole bed is welded,to ensure the long term stability and no

deformation of the machine. 

★Machine tool bed is processed by gantry milling machine and is formed at one time. 
★The whole machine is tempered at high temperature,the internal stress is eliminated with the furnace cooling. 
★Using double rack rails,double servo drive structure. 
★Improving the stability and rigidity of the Y axle beam 
★The high precision and high dynamic performance of the Y axle beam movement is ensured. 

★The Y axle beam runs at high speed and smoothly, greatly reducing the consumption of gas.

Gear, rack and guide line

 Between the guide and rack using  precision collimator to calibrate the accuracy of ±0.01mm

Raytools high precision laser cutting head

★The internal structure of the laser head is completely sealed, and the dustproof grade reaches 6 grade to 7 grade,

which can avoid the dust pollution of the optical part; 

★Magnetic protection against collision, flexible and convenient to reset and alarm function; 
★The cutting height is set by panel operation or programmable CNC control; 
★The height control can be realized through the Z axis servo motor and the drive system; 

★Modular design, high precision, easy maintenance.

Water chiller

★ Using domestic first-class brand, professional laser chiller, good stability, high precision. 

★With two way temperature control, the laser and the cutting head can be controlled at different temperatures, the stability

of the laser and the cutting head can be guaranteed more effectively. 

★This function includes: pressure alarm, high and low temperature alarm, abnormal voltage alarm, and fault alarm etc.

The beam sliding table adopts integral cast aluminum parts, which can reduce the weight of the beam and

ensure good stability, So that can meet the high-speed operation of the machine .X,Y, Z three-axis drive with

full servo motor, high precision, fast response.

Cypcut cutting system

★High speed and high precision position ring 

★High speed gantry control/ capacitive servo

★Speed control function of laser energy

★Power off function / power off return function 

★Flight cutting / automatic border / multistage perforation

Control cabinet

★ A closed control design is adopted: a good closed effect ensures the control of the dust effect of the electrical apparatus.

Provide security for long time work 

★ Configuring constant temperature air conditioning: ensure the internal thermostat of the control cabinet, prevent temperature

change and cause the laser and electrical components to be dampened 

★ Waterproof design: the control cabinet has been designed for 2 layers. The bottom without any electrical appliances, can deal

with sudden flood events.

SMC Proportional Valve

★ It can automatically control 3 types of gas (O2,N2,compressor air)

★ By this auto pressure control of cutting gas, it can easily and precisely control the cutting gas for different cutting shapes,

greatly improve the cutting precision of small hole , short line… such small parts.

A variety of laser power supply options

Cut sample

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