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CNC Metal Sheet V Grooving Machine 1250/4000-Pneumatic Type

CNC Metal Sheet V Grooving Machine 1250/4000-Pneumatic Type
penumatic type v grooving machine
penumatic type
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Product Description

China supplier sheet metal vertical style  1250X3200 pneumatic auto V slotting machine 

1,Our machine use structure design,Overall rigidity, small deformation. 2,This machine beam is fixed , has feeding system,worktable levelness is within ±0.03mm. 3,Blade rack move right and left by synchronous belt, V-cutting process is very stable,and the

cutting surface is smooth.

Rongwin CNC V grooving machine (v slotting machine stainless steel V-slot machine) is suitable for elevators, mounting

materials, stainless steel processing, household appliances, prop display and other industries that require high-precision

processing of plates. It is designed and manufactured according to the special needs of the middle and high-end decoration

industry, elevator manufacturing and other industries. It can perform V-shaped grooves on stainless steel sheets, iron plates,

copper plates and other materials. New metal sheet groovers such as Special special accessories can also perform work such

as grinding, polishing, and wire drawing on thin metal sheets and profiles.

Detailed lmages


The equipment used before and after the three knife molding process, resulting in the processing of iron is greatly reduced. 

The equipment adopts pneumatic control system, automatic clamp plate, pressing and releasing pressure, stable and reliable,

work fast, makes the products processed without clamping marks, indentation, automatic spray cooling method for cooling,

rapid cooling of the tool, prolong the service life of the cutter.


Equipment worktable with high strength of 6CrW2Si material as the base, the working table of the work piece, is not easy

to wear. And the table panel and body parts by moving adjustable, the tip to table every bit of distance accuracy guarantee

+ 0.02mm or so.Pneumatic control is adopted in the equipment clamping and pressing.

Back stopper

Evacuation equipment using material structure, making the equipment are not in the feeding and discharge of

surface damage of sheet.Servo motor control tool and feeding device, planing and positioning precision, servo

motor feeding, high precision and reliable.

Equipment using PLC man-machine interface programming. Easy to learn and easy to understand,

accurate positioning.Adopting Japan MITSUBISHI touch screen system, the technology is mature,

the instruction input is quick and clear, and the product is stable and reliable.

Electrical appliances are all well-known global French Schneider Inc of the original product, to

ensure that the circuit's life and stability.

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